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Week 2nd to 9th December 2011
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Imaxe A translation into Galician wins the prize of the Spanish Association of English and North-American Studies for the first time

The Spanish Association of English and North-American Studies had never awarded its national prize to a translation into a language other than Spanish. Now this prize has been awarded to the Galician translation of a classic work of medieval English literature, Beowulf, carried out by the lecturer at the Department of English, French and German Philology at the University of Vigo and expert on medieval literature Jorge Luís Bueno.


December 10
5th International Conference on Formal Linguistics. Guangzhou, China

December 12
VIII Congreso Internacional de la Sociedad Española de Historiografía Lingüística. Fuenlabrada, Spain

Lingua Galega

December 12
Coloquio internacional La traducción del diálogo ficcional para niños. Barcelona, Spain

Lingua Galega

December 14
Seminario Internacional sobre Traducción y Accesibilidad Universal. Granada, Spain

Lingua Galega



Fundación Lois Peña Novo


»  More than 100 proposals to wish Merry Christmas in Galician via Internet

»  The submission of the application for the creation of the .gal domain for the Galician language and culture is to be completed

»  Anxo Lorenzo states that the commitment of self-employed is essential to promote Galician in the social and economic field

»  Anxo Lorenzo describes the Galician musical heritage as a "language treasure"

»  The Network to Promote the Galician Language creates a training seminar to promote common guidelines to boost Galician

»  Culturgal 2011 strengthens as a meeting point for the Galician cultural creation

»  A work on bilingualism in Galicia was awarded a prize by the Galician Royal Academy of Sciences



»  The regional Government of Biscay allocates €4.4 million to promote Basque

»  The Basque Parliament presents a facsimile edition of ‘Vasconum Linguae Primitiae’, the first book printed in Basque

»  The Basque Government signs an agreement with the Basque Centre in Madrid to ensure the teaching and learning of Basque


»  The Aragonese language has very little presence on Twitter

»  The Galician language programme in El Bierzo is ten years old and has almost one thousand students

»  Catalonia approaches the Galician language and literature through Álvaro Cunqueiro

»  Madrid helps the publishing industry by promoting Spanish in Germany

»  Civil servants in Navarre will learn languages via Internet

»  The Spanish language accounts for 16% of the Spanish GDP


»  The European Ombudsman has called on the European Commission to publish its public consultations in all EU languages

»  The New Brunswick government has unveiled an official languages plan for this Canadian province

»  Quechua and Aymara are declared official in the Peruvian region of Puno

»  A group of activists wants the New Zealand government to pass a bill to teach regional languages in schools

»  Official language status for sign language is demanded in New Delhi

»  The number of interpreters in indigenous languages will double in Mexico

»  Bangor University leads on bilingualism in Wales

»  A new social network dedicated solely to Irish speakers will be launched

»  Next Belgian Prime Minister eyes challenge of learning Dutch, the country's majority language

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