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Week 30th November to 7th December 2012
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Imaxe The coordinator of Workers of Language Standardisation starts the campaign “I like Galician”

The campaign “Gústame o galego” (I like Galician) started in the fair Culturgal 2012 in Pontevedra in order to show the individual support of some people to the process of language standardisation of the Galician language in every area. Moreover, the campaign also tries to make all kinds of people be in favour of the promotion of Galician.


December 08
Encontros dixitais dos Axóuxeres. Xinzo de Limia and Verín, Spain

Lingua Galega

December 08
FalaRedes. A Pobra do Caramiñal, Spain

Lingua Galega

December 09
Encontros dixitais dos Axóuxeres. A Merca and O Carballiño, Spain

Lingua Galega

December 09
FalaRedes. Ribeira, Spain

Lingua Galega


Xoga e medra coa lingua



»  The Institute of the Galician Language revises thirty years of Galician language standardisation

»  The online product and service brand O-Visio offers courses about social networks and digital image in Galician

»  Despite increasing, giving a Galician name to boys and girls is still a minor practice

»  Xesús Vázquez Abad honours Eduardo Blanco-Amor on the occasion of the 9th Memorial Day celebrated in Ourense

»  Over hundred volunteers translate social networks and web environments into Galician

»  The Confederation of Businessmen of Galicia launches the campaign 'Sell in Galician, sell at Christmas', addressed to businesses

»  Valentín García takes part in Vigo in the appointment of the new members of the Galician Health System Brotherhood

»  Culture and Education promotes Galician with ten ‘FalaRedes’ and ‘Os Axóuxeres’ activities during the weekend

»  Xesús Vázquez opens the Culturgal 2012 fair in Pontevedra

»  A self-help book to learn how to speak and write correctly in Galician has been published

»  The Galician Supreme Court reiterates its support to the balance between Galician and Spanish

»  The Galician Language Board acknowledges with an award the support of Tuenti to the Galician language



»  The Etxepare Institute promotes Basque through surfing

»  Several associations organise activities to celebrate the International Day of Basque


»  Several Aragonese groups present 173 amendments to the law of languages

»  The Platform for the Language launches a campaign inviting people to record in video their reasons to speak Catalan

»  A total of 39 schools and 70 teachers of the Balearic Islands join the pilot bilingual education programme

»  The regional administrations in Spain will pay private education in Spanish if there is not offer in the public system

»  The Spanish Confederation of Deaf People reports that the learning of the sign language is not guaranteed for deaf students

»  The first translation of the Spanish Constitution into the sign language has been launched

»  Only a third of Spaniards declares to speak English


»  Language is the biggest stumbling block for non-EU children attending school in Malta

»  The Bible has been translated into Cuban sign language for the first time

»  Google’s Knowledge Graph expands to more languages, including Italian, French, Japanese and Russian

»  The Cervantes Institute will create a Latin American network of teacher training in Spanish for foreigners

»  The British Council aims to improve English in all Bihar schools, India

»  A new Irish-language music video application has been launched

»  The new Russian law which forces immigrants to take Russian language exams to work has come into effect

»  Portuguese consolidates in East Timor thanks to education

»  A proposal to translate the Electoral Code into the native languages of Veracruz has been made due to forthcoming elections

»  Youtube adds automatic subtitles in six European languages

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